The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport

The Surf Fishing Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport

How To Start Landing Some Of The Hardest Fighting Big Game Fish, Right From The Edge of The Surf 

Dear Fellow Angler,

My name is Randy Meyers.

I’ve been fishing the surf for over 30 years and I’d like to share what I’ve learned about Surf Fishing with you for free.

This is a very exciting sport but it’s difficult to find good information about it anywhere. I decided to change that by creating a free 10 part surf fishing mini-course.

I welcome the opportunity to help you get into this sport and enjoy an outdoor experience that will bring years of pleasure. And now with instant access you can have it right away.

You Need Is A Surf Fishing Rod, The Right Surf Fishing Tackle And GOOD Surf Fishing Techniques

Now you can learn what successful surf anglers know, that catch big game fish consistently right from the surf. Not just surf fishing tips but everything to get started.

Imagine for a moment that you could go to any beach and….

  • Know the right conditions that produce the best surf fishing experience
  • Identify where the fish are in the surf
  • Use the right surf tackle & bait that will get you lots of strikes
  • Start catching awesome surf fish right away

I’ve been a surf angler for many years now. And quite frankly it’s one of the favorite kinds of fishing I really like to do.

When I got started I spent a lot of hours on the beach. I tried a lot of different things and talked to a lot of the old timers before I learned the secrets and surf fishing tips that really work.

Now I Want To Share The Surf Fishing Tips & What I Learned About Surf Fishing With You

I’ve compiled some of the best things I know into a FREE 10 part mini-course that you can start getting right away.

If you’ve wanted to try fishing in surf or tried it but didn’t get the results you hoped for, you’ll learn just what you need to know, to get started right away. Just subscribe to my mini course now and I’ll send the first lesson to you instantly.

Thanks for visiting my site. Randy


Randy thanks,

Started the course, and. while I was on vacation at Cape Cod, I caught my first ever, striped bass. The fish was 37″ and aprrox. 30-40lbs. Fantastic….thanks

This is my son holding my catch, and me on the left. It was actually too heavy for an old guy like me. It put up a  great fight and it wasquite a thrill for all of us.

Wayne Powers


In My FREE 10 Day Mini-Course,

The Quick Start To Surf Fishing

You’ll Learn:

  • How to pick out the surf fishing tackle that all the successful anglers use
  • What live surf baits will get you fast results
  • How to locate where the fish are in the surf
  • How to fish the surf systematically to catch fish right away
  • Much, much more!


Yes! I Want to Learn The Surf Fishing Secrets of Landing Those Hard Fighting Big Game Fish On Any Beach Too!

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