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Randy Meyers Surf Fishing For RedfishThis site is a resource to learn about surf fishing. Randy knows how to fish from the beach. He has been fishing the surf for over 30 years and has spent many hours honing his skills.

Enjoy the articles on the site, there’s a lot of really good information here. To get started sign up for the free surf fishing mini-course.

If you’re looking for more in depth information and “how to” you might want to order Randy’s book, Surf Fishing, The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport.

It has taken Randy years to learn his craft but you can easily start catching fish right away just with the content here on the site.

For recommendations on surf fishing tackle and gear, you’ll find reviews and links to Amazon in the menu above where you can order from a trusted source.

Send in pictures of the fish you’ve caught so they can be posted on the site. Your pics and stories will inspire other readers to try this low cost, exciting sport.

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