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I’ve written several articles for Ezine Articles on the subject of surf fishing. If you haven’t read my other articles, listed below are links to my articles that you can read at Ezine Articles.

  • Guidelines For the Best Time to Go Surf Fishing
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing] The best time to go surf fishing has to be answered in a number of different ways. To address this topic we must consider what is meant by, “the best time”. Are we referring to the time of year, the time of day, the tidal movements, the phases of the moon or the weather situation? There’s a lot of room for interpretation. I will address them all in this article.
  • How to Start Surf Fishing
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing] Suggested ways to learn how to start surf fishing. It’s easy to get up to speed and get started right away.
  • Surf Shark Fishing Techniques
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing] Shark fishing techniques used to fish for sharks from the surf. Shark fishing from the surf has to be the most exciting fishing experience you’ll ever get, bar none.
  • Things to Do Before You Go Out Surf Fishing
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing] Scout The Beach At Low Tide For Potential Hot Spots – Use a tide chart to find out when you can visit the beach at low tide. During low tide you will be able to see what the bottom is like after the high tide comes in. This will give you a better idea of the the spots that are most likely to hold fish.
  • The Essential Surf Fishing Tackle Guide
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing] Put together the surf fishing tackle assortment of essential gear that works and saves yourself the aggravation of buying and trying new surf gear. Surf anglers who have been fishing for a number of years have reduced their tackle selection down to the necessary effective things to have on hand.

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