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Surf Fishing Tips To Target & Land More Fish

There are several essential surf fishing tips known by successful surf anglers everywhere that allow them to target and land more fish consistently. They are the tried and true tips passed on by the old salts to new anglers who decide to try their hand at this exciting sport.

Of course you should realize that it takes a little bit… Continue reading

Surf Fishing Videos

Watch These Surf Anglers Show You How It’s Done.

You’re bound to catch the surf fishing fever after watching a few of these videos. Fishing in surf is one of the most exciting forms of fishing you’ll ever do. It easy to get into and the equipment isn’t expensive. Especially when you don’t need a boat or any special electronics.… Continue reading

Are You Ready To Start Surf Fishing

Before you start surf fishing read this post and watch the video below. Surf fishing is the most exciting style of fishing you'll ever experience. The fish are larger, fight harder and are more difficult to catch than any other form of fishing unless you know the surf fishing tips and techniques of the old saltwater anglers. Continue reading

Surf Fishing Knots For Shock Leaders

Shock leader knots for surf fishing need to be as small as possible to pass through the rod guides without interfering with casting distance. The knot strength is also critical. There are several knots that will stand up to the powerful surf casting requirements. However, there is one knot that is the best choice for not only strength but compact… Continue reading

Surf Fishing Rigs – The Dropper Loop Rig

A very popular surf fishing rig that’s easy to make is the dropper loop rig. It’s just like the fireball rig but it’s tied differently and it may or may not have floats on it.

This saltwater rig is made using any leader material of your choice. It has three dropper loops. One loop at the bottom for your sinker,… Continue reading

How To Avoid Line Twist When Spooling A Surf Spinning Reel

There is a very simple method to avoid line twist when you spool your spinning reel for surf fishing . This technique is easy to remember and works perfectly every time no matter which direction the spinning reel turns when you spool new line on it.

The first thing to do is to determine the direction your spinning reel turns… Continue reading

Fishing In Surf

You can be very successful fishing in surf if you know the surf fishing techniques that all the old salt pros use to get consistent results Continue reading

Selecting Surf Fishing Equipment To Start Surf Fishing Is Easy

If your thinking about getting into the sport of surf fishing this is a basic guide to select the surf fishing equipment you need to get started.

Will Budget Surf Fishing Gear Work For You?

Surf fishing is very easy to get into for less than $100 if you’re willing to settle for budget surf fishing equipment. You can easily… Continue reading

Three Reasons Why New Surf Fishing Anglers Don’t Catch Fish

Many new surf fishing anglers don’t catch fish because they don’t understand how surf fishing is different. It’s actually very easy once you know how. This article will help new surf fishing anglers get started the right way.

Fishing the surf is so easy to get into, many new anglers just buy a surf rod, get some bait and start… Continue reading

Surf Fishing Basics

Start with the surf fishing basics whether you do it as a sport or a hobby. Before I get into the basics of this sport. I’d like to give you a mental image of what you will experience when fishing in the surf.

Picture This First:

It’s a perfect day at the beach. A cloud covers the sun, there’s a… Continue reading

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