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Surf Fishing Bait

How To Salt Cure Bait For Surf Fishing Yourself

You can salt cure your own bait. It’s simple and easy to do. Salt cured bait will get you just as many hits as live bait and it doesn’t come off the hook as easy either.

Bait that has been cured is firm and will hold the hook much better. It also has the same amount of natural scents as… Continue reading

How To Use A Sabiki Rig Surf Fishing For Bait

Sabiki bait rigs are great to use for surf fishing to catch bait. These rigs are readily available to purchase at your local tackle supplier. Sabiki rigs come with six little jiggy type flys and look similar to a tiny bucktail. Anglers usually use them directly from a dock or in a boat by jigging them up and down. They’re… Continue reading

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