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Surf Fishing Techniques

Surf Fishing Knots For Shock Leaders

Shock leader knots for surf fishing need to be as small as possible to pass through the rod guides without interfering with casting distance. The knot strength is also critical. There are several knots that will stand up to the powerful surf casting requirements. However, there is one knot that is the best choice for not only strength but compact… Continue reading

How Some Surf Anglers Fish For Great Whites From The Beach

If your up to the challenge, shark fishing from the surf will surpass your expectations to provide all the excitement you can handle. It’s not for the faint of heart. Especially for the first time. After that, each and every time will almost seem like the first time because the adrenalin pumps just as hard.

When your sitting quietly waiting… Continue reading

How To Surf Cast 150 Yards Without Trying Too Hard

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to surf cast 150 yards. With a little practice it shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish even if you are new to the sport of surf fishing.

It’s important to remember that casting for long distance put a lots of force on the line by the weight you are casting. A… Continue reading

Surf Fishing At Night

Fishing from the surf at night is often more productive than fishing during the daytime. Many predator fish found in the surf have nocturnal feeding habits.

5 Reasons Why Nighttime Surf Fishing Better

  • More fish come closer to the shoreline to feed at night
  • You have a better chance of catching bigger fish
  • More fish are within casting distance at… Continue reading

How To Use A Sabiki Rig Surf Fishing For Bait

Sabiki bait rigs are great to use for surf fishing to catch bait. These rigs are readily available to purchase at your local tackle supplier. Sabiki rigs come with six little jiggy type flys and look similar to a tiny bucktail. Anglers usually use them directly from a dock or in a boat by jigging them up and down. They’re… Continue reading

Surf Fishing Techniques For The Migratory Bluefish

Learning the techniques for catching Bluefish in the surf is all about learning their migratory patterns and when you can expect them in the surf where you will be fishing. This saltwater species is a very popular game fish and lots of fun to catch.

Some Bluefish can be found in the Gulf of of Mexico year round but for… Continue reading

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