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Surf Fishing Tips

Surf Fishing Tips To Target & Land More Fish

There are several essential surf fishing tips known by successful surf anglers everywhere that allow them to target and land more fish consistently. They are the tried and true tips passed on by the old salts to new anglers who decide to try their hand at this exciting sport.

Of course you should realize that it takes a little bit… Continue reading

How To Avoid Line Twist When Spooling A Surf Spinning Reel

There is a very simple method to avoid line twist when you spool your spinning reel for surf fishing . This technique is easy to remember and works perfectly every time no matter which direction the spinning reel turns when you spool new line on it.

The first thing to do is to determine the direction your spinning reel turns… Continue reading

Fishing In Surf

You can be very successful fishing in surf if you know the surf fishing techniques that all the old salt pros use to get consistent results Continue reading

Three Reasons Why New Surf Fishing Anglers Don’t Catch Fish

Many new surf fishing anglers don’t catch fish because they don’t understand how surf fishing is different. It’s actually very easy once you know how. This article will help new surf fishing anglers get started the right way.

Fishing the surf is so easy to get into, many new anglers just buy a surf rod, get some bait and start… Continue reading

Use A Barometer To Plan An Opportunity For Good Surf Fishing

There are several things to consider when planning a good time to go surf fishing. One of the factors that you can use to plan a trip is barometric pressure.  Other factors come into play like the tides, moon phases, wind direction and water temperature but in this article I will address barometric pressure.

Don’t expect all the factors… Continue reading

Striped Bass Tips For Surf Fishing

Improve your tactics for striped bass fishing with the tips in this article. These are my best tips and information for striped bass tackle, gear, bait and techniques.

Surf fishing for striped bass is a cold water endeavor. They prefer water between 55 and 65 degrees. Fishing the surf for these guys ranges from North Carolina to Nova Scotia. In… Continue reading

Surf Fishing Tips

Fourteen tips to improve your surf fishing. These are the insider tips to make your surf fishing experience more productive. Fishing in the surf is exciting and easy to get into. It doesn’t require a boat or special electronics. Rather it relies on your knowledge and skills as a surf angler to catch fish.

Tips About Surf Bait

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