The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport

Seven Reasons To Go Florida Surf Fishing

The first three reason to go to Florida Surf Fishing are:

1. Ideal Location
2. Abundance of coastline
3. Warm weather

Surf Fishing in the state of Florida is unique. It has a significant amount of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. No other state can offer this. Anywhere along it’s shoreline, Florida surf fishing is an experience you can’t afford to pass up. Not to mention that the state is located in the southern part of the country where the warm weather and sunshine is a plus.

Florida has a number of the finest beaches in the world for incredible surf fishing. The opportunities to enjoy this sport  along the coastline is limitless. You can pretty much choose the kind of surf fishing you prefer. As certain species are migrating from warmer waters to cooler waters or vice versa they will be moving up and down the coastline on one side of the state or the other. You can follow the fishing reports to decide where and what you want to fish for.

Fishing in the surf is a year round activity but Spring is the time of year when it really heats up (no pun intended). Visitors come from all over the world for the warm sunshine and a chance to enjoy some of the best surf fishing found anywhere.

Some beaches are for swimming and sunbathing but most of the coastline wherever you go is wide open for surf anglers. There are many great hot spots to choose from.

Pick up a copy of  “Top Spot Florida Inshore Maps”. These maps are waterproof. They provide a fish index of the species, when and where they are caught along the coastlines. It’s a great resource and it even includes GPS coordinates for all the locations. Buy it on-line or from one of the bait and tackle dealers. It’s published by Top Spot, Inc.

Reason #4 – When You Go To Florida Surf Fishing There Are Many Species Of Saltwater Fish To Be Caught There

Florida has more than a 1000 species of fish in their waters and most of them are edible. Forty species are regulated  for harvesting quantities and six species have game fish status. The game fish are redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and sailfish. In total there are 114 different species of fish commonly caught by Florida anglers.

Those that are not classified as game fish still provide an exciting experience and are sought by many. Some of the popular favorites are Whiting, Stripped Bass, Cobia, Pompano and yes, even sharks.

Reason #5 – If You Like To Compete, In Florida, Surf Fishing Tournaments Are Held All Over.

Surf fishing tournaments are held all over Florida for those that would like to compete for the fun of it. Even if you are new to the sport, it’s a chance to meet new people and learn from their experience. Florida surf fishing tournaments usually run for several days and you have plenty of time to catch that trophy fish. A little research on-line will provide you with all the information you need. Use the search term “Florida Surf Fishing Tournaments”.

Reason #6 – People In Florida Are Eager To Help New Surf Anglers

Anywhere you go along the coastline you will easily find bait and tackle shops who eager to help you get started. They will to set you up with the right surf tackle & bait and then point you in the right direction. People in Florida are very friendly especially the surf fishermen. They are more than willing to help a newbie get started.

Even if you’re not out there with your surf gear, you can walk along the beach and see others catching fish. It won’t be long before you get the urge to try it yourself. While you’re out there stop and talk with some of them to get a few tips. Don’t be surprised if they hand you a pole and let you land the next one.

Reason # 7 – Florida Surf Fishing Is An Awesome Experience

So when planning for a getaway, consider surf fishing in the waters of Florida.  The initial start up cost is inexpensive and nothing compared to the amazing experience you will have. Not only you will enjoy the magnificent beaches in the state of Florida but you will also live through the exciting experience of landing exceptional game fish from the edge of the beach.

It’s a phenomenal way to spend an unforgettable vacation, fishing for any of the popular fish found in the waters there. I can guarantee you’ll be back again and again whenever you get a chance.

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