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Are You Ready To Start Surf Fishing

Before you start surf fishing read this post and watch the video below. Surf fishing is the most exciting style of fishing you’ll ever experience. The fish are larger, fight harder and are more difficult to catch than any other form of fishing unless you know the surf fishing tips and techniques of the old saltwater anglers.

Surf fishing rods aren’t that expensive especially if you buy a combo rod & reel. You can use lighter tackle for Whiting and Pompano. Or go for the gusto shark fishing with cut bait and heavier surf fishing rigs. Fishing in surf for Tarpon is also a real possibility. Check out this other surf fishing video too and see these guys land a trophy tarpon from the surf.

For starters Pompano like sand fleas and Whiting prefer shrimp. As long as you’re using the right surf fishing tackle and techniques you should be able to start landing fish from any beach.

The principles and concepts for reading the beach are the same along any coastline. Once you learn how to read the beach your catch rate will go up dramatically. Most anglers don’t have a clue when it comes to surf fishing. It’s significantly different than any other type of fishing. There’s a lot more to it than most realize but once you put it altogether it’s a breeze.

Here’s a list of some the factors at play:

  • Wind direction
  • Weather patterns
  • Tide movements
  • Time of day
  • Locating sandbars, troughs and rips and how to fish them
  • Choosing surf fishing bait and or surf fishing lures
  • Learning how to use different surf fishing rigs & fishing knots

None of these factors are that difficult to master. It just takes a little practice to get it right. Landing your first fish will give you lots of confidence. It gets easier and easier after that.

When you first get into surf fishing it isn’t necessary to invest in a lot of surf fishing gear. It’s more important to learn the techniques that catch fish. After that you can get into more gear for different situations. Start with one rod in a sand spike. Build your confidence up and after that you’ll probably want two or three rods in the water at all times.

Don’t forget to have a digital camera ready for the bragging rights. I’d love to post some of your pictures on my site to give other surf anglers the confidence to go out and give it a try. Send me your pictures, your videos and your story. I’d be delighted to post them for others to enjoy.

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