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Learn About Surf Fishing Rods

Learn the characteristics surf fishing rods should have before choosing to purchase your next rod. These rods have special qualities that allow them to work well in the surf.

First let’s look at what functions surf rods are designed to do. Surf anglers often need to cast a good distance to target the fish they’re after. Fish caught in the surf are powerful and sometimes very large. In order to deal with these two situations the surf rods are constructed to have a certain kind of action, are stronger and usually longer. Surf rods are usually between 10′ and 12′ to get the leverage for long casts.

When a surf angler casts for distance they want the rod to have a certain amount of whip to improve the reach they can achieve. If the rod is too stiff there isn’t enough flex to boost the launch but It has to have enough backbone to land a big fish. It’s a compromise between flex and stiffness.

From this basis we can explore the technical aspects of how this is accomplished. The first category is rod taper. The type and style of rod taper dictates the action. A fast action rod bends only in the top third whereas a slow action rod starts bending in the lower third of the rod length. A good surf rod has a medium action which bends from the upper half.

The second category to explain is rod power often refereed to as the rods backbone. The power of a rod is classified as heavy, medium heavy, medium and so forth. For a good surf rod power rating go with a medium heavy rod.

Next to consider are the rod guides. The guide material, size and quantity are important for several reasons. The guides must be large enough, especially at the tip to allow a shock leader knot to pass through without restriction during the cast. A quality rod will likely be fitted with silicon carbide guides which are considered to be the best. They provide a super smooth surface for less friction during the cast. Lesser quality rod guides should at least be made of ceramic. But even ceramic can vary in different grades of hardness. More guides on a surf rod will cast better and bend more consistently over the length of the rod.

The Reel seats on rods are made of different materials depending on the quality of the rod. These are usually some form of metal alloy or carbon material. Reel seats on a surf rod or any saltwater rod need to be made of a non-corrosive metal like stainless steel. Chrome, anodized or other coated reel seats are inadvisable.

Keep this knowledge in mind when shopping for your first or next surf rod. You’ll be in a better position to make an intelligent decision.

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