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Okuma Epixor EB-50 Baitfeeder Review

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Okuma has a reputation for making great products and this reel is no exception. It has excellent specifications. The aluminum spool is titanium coated with a stainless steel rim. It has 9+1 ball bearings and will hold over 400 yards of 30# braid.

Surf fish fight hard and the Okuma Epixor fights back with a 30% larger main drag. The baitfeeder function is actually a second drag system that you use to let the fish run with the bait until you start to reel. Once you start to reel it automatically switches over to the main drag.

The main drag uses a multi-disk Japanese oiled felt drag washer system with Okuma’s Hydro Block water seal.

Without the baitfeeder feature it’s necessary to adjust the drag loose to prevent a pull over while your rod is in the sand spike. Once you get a strike you have tighten down the drag to fight the fish.

With the baitfeeder you set the main drag where you want it and leave it alone. This reel will easily handle most fish in the surf. If you want something stronger go with the EB-65 or the EB-80.

The reviews at Amazon rate it 4.5 stars out of 5.

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