The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport

Using Surf Fishing Reports

Using fishing reports is the best place for a beginning surf angler to know what to fish for. It’s the first place to start before planning a trip to the surf for a day of fishing.

What You Can Learn

Fishing reports can come from lots of different sources. Depending on the source there will be several things you can learn.

Such As:

  • What kind of surf fish are actively biting.
  • What surf fish are being taken on – type of live bait,  artificial or lures used
  • When the fish are most active – morning, evening, etc.
  • What areas of the surf the fish were caught.
  • Surf conditions – calm, light chop, tide, etc.

Where The Surf Reports Come From

Most of the surf fishing reports get in circulation through the surf anglers who are out there getting action. Some are amateurs and some are professionals.

Fish and game authorities also keep tabs on the surf activity. It’s there job to know the quantities and size of fish that are being caught. Many of them are surf anglers themselves.

By the way, as a side note. Always abide by the local surf fishing regulations for your area. You never know when you are fishing next to a game warden. They don’t identify themselves unless they see a violation.

Surf Reports In Your Area

It’s not always easy to find the reports for your area. A lot depends on how popular the area is. That could be a good thing, there won’t be much competition or a bad thing if you can’t find any information to help you get started. Start with the local surf fishing publications and the local bait and tackle shops

Don’t overlook the value you can get by finding and following the surf reports for your area. It’s a wealth of information for the beginner or the experienced surf angler alike.

In my eBook I have several sources for Surf Fishing Reports that you can get from the Internet and other good places as well.

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