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Optimize Your Surf Fishing Tackle

Optimize your surf tackle collection with the essential gear you need to catch fish. Don’t be a tackle junkie owning every bright shiny item out there. As a surf angler of many years I’ve reduced my tackle assortment down to the essential items that I determined to be the most effective.

Over time I have developed a short list of the things I need in my surf tackle box. I learned a long time ago that catching more fish isn’t about more tackle, it’s about the right tackle and more knowledge. I’d like to pass on some of that knowledge to you and what I keep in my box.

My essential tackle list includes:

  • Surf fishing lures
  • Artificial surf fishing bait
  • Two different types of live surf bait rigs (with extras of each
  • Miscellaneous hardware like hooks, sinkers, swivels etc.
  • The tools I use  for surf fishing

My Choice of Lures

Although I have a few other different lure types in my tackle box, my favorite surf lures of choice are spoons. I like the action they produce in the water and they can imitate several kinds of live surf bait depending on the style. My favorites are the Charlie Graves Tins.

The styles available are:

  • Long and narrow
  • Shorter and broader
  • Broad and deep

Each of these three styles are designed to mimic a different type of live bait. With just these three types in my box I can eliminate practically every other kind of lure I need to catch fish in the surf. Once in a while I like to use surface poppers so I do have a few of those. I prefer the spoons over plugs because I can get more casting distance when I need it rather than using a plug.

My Artificial Bait Preference

For artificial bait, I like D.O.A. shrimp. Shrimp will attract just about anything in the surf. If I’m fishing with live bait and happen to run short I’ll switch over to artificial shrimp. I always have a few D.O.A. Shrimp in my box just for that occasion.

The D.O.A company makes, in my opinion, the best artificial bait in the industry. The owner of the company is a well seasoned saltwater fisherman who started the business in his garage. Since that time it’s become a very successful business for him.

My Live Surf  Bait Rigs

Every surf angler needs live bait rigs in their box. Although there are variations of these rigs, they all perform pretty much the same. The two types of rigs you should have are the fireball rig and a live lining rig, often called a fish finder rig. Use these with 3oz or 4oz pyramid sinkers for good casting distance. If the surf is a little rough and you are having trouble holding the bottom switch to a spider sinker or a sputnik sinker.

As a new surf angler if you stick with these suggestions for surf tackle you won’t need to spend any more time or money trying different tackle. It’s not the tackle, it’s what you do with it. Stick with this short list. It works for me and it can work for you.

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