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Pyramid Sinkers Hold The Bottom Better For Surf Fishing

Depending on the surf conditions and the desired casting distance choose a pyramid sinker between 3oz. and 5oz.  It’s not as big of a problem when surf fishing beyond the breakers. But if you are targeting fish within the surf where the waves are breaking the sinker has to be heavy enough to prevent it from washing ashore.

At times even a 5oz. or 6oz. pyramid sinker won’t hold for you. If the surf is that rough your only choice will be to try a sputnik or break away sinker. Most of the time however, you’ll get by with heavier lead.

Pyramid sinkers of course are made heavier than 6oz. but your surf rod might not be rated to sling the beefier weight. Every surf rod has a sweet spot for the weight you use. If you try to go outside that range it won’t cast well at all.

Keep a range of pyramid sinkers on hand within the rating of your surf rod along a couple of sputnik type sinkers and you’ll be prepared for 90% of the surf conditions you’ll be up against.

Pyramid Sinkers 3oz. 3 Pack

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