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Surf Fishing Rigs – The Dropper Loop Rig

A very popular surf fishing rig that’s easy to make is the dropper loop rig. It’s just like the fireball rig but it’s tied differently and it may or may not have floats on it.

This saltwater rig is made using any leader material of your choice. It has three dropper loops. One loop at the bottom for your sinker, a second loop about a third of the way from the bottom and a third loop 2/3 of the distance from the bottom. A swivel is used to tie it to your main line.

Watch this video to see how to tie the dropper loops.

The sinker and hooks are attached by looping them through the eyes and around to form a slip knot around each eye. The finished rig should look like the image below. If you want floats or beads on your rig just slip them on the loops before looping them around the hooks

Completed Dropper Loop Rig

Completed Dropper Loop Rig

The total length of the finished rig should be about 24″. Each loop for the hooks should be 6″-8″ long.

This rig design is one of the most commonly used rigs for surf fishing. It’s designed to hold the bottom using a pyramid sinker. The cool feature with this rig is the ability to easily change the sinker and hooks to suit the situation. The sinkers size depends on the size weight needed to hold the bottom and the hooks are sized to the bait you decide to use.

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