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Surf Fishing Knots For Shock Leaders

Shock leader knots for surf fishing need to be as small as possible to pass through the rod guides without interfering with casting distance. The knot strength is also critical. There are several knots that will stand up to the powerful surf casting requirements. However, there is one knot that is the best choice for not only strength but compact size. It’s the Albright knot.

The Albright knot is the preferred surf fishing knot for shock leaders because it has a small profile yet is can stand up to the riggers of a strong surf cast. There are a few tips I’d like to add to assure the best results when using this knot.

When you watch the video below you will notice that one strand is a simple loop while the other strand is used to do all the wraps. The first tip is all the wraps should only be done with the main line not the shock leader. Because the main line is a smaller diameter than the shock leader the knot will be as small as possible.

The second tip is to wet the lines before drawing up the knot. The water will create enough lubrication so the strands will draw up firm and snug, easily.

The third tip that will make this knot as streamlined as possible is to apply a smooth coating of clear finger nail polish over the entire knot. If possible try to feather the nail polish down on the shock leader to help it pass through the rod guides better during the cast.

Watch the video to learn how to tie this knot

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