The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport

Surf Fishing Tips

Fourteen tips to improve your surf fishing. These are the insider tips to make your surf fishing experience more productive. Fishing in the surf is exciting and easy to get into. It doesn’t require a boat or special electronics. Rather it relies on your knowledge and skills as a surf angler to catch fish.

Tips About Surf Bait

  • If you’re fishing for stripers, use bloodworms. If you use bloodworms, keep your hook size down to a size #6 or #8, unless you are after the real big stripers.
  • When using squid as surf bait, always cut it into an attractive tapered strip and hook it only once so it dangles off the hook.
  • Keep your bait in a cooler and it will stay fresher.
  • If the crabs continuously steal your bait, go to a surf- floater rig. This puts your bait just off the bottom away from the crabs but still in the strike zone.

Tips For Conditions That produce Better Surf Fishing Results

  • Some of the best surf fishing is early in the morning around sun rise and at dusk right before dark. This follows the normal feeding habits of the fish.
  • Expect the fishing to be better with a light onshore breeze which will bring the fish up into the surf.
  • Learn to read the surf. It will tell you where the fish will be. My eBook will teach you how to do this.
  • Successful surf fishing is dependent on the tides. Use a tide chart to know the best times to fish.

Tips About Surf Tackle And Gear

  • Use a sand spike when baiting up or taking a fish off the hook to keep the sand out of your reel.
  • Do not wash your reel in the ocean! Rinse it off with fresh water when you get home to avoid corrosion. If you get sand on your reel keep a jug of fresh water handy to rinse it off at the beach. If you don’t have a jug of water, use some water drained from your cooler.
  • Longer casts are usually needed to get where the fish are. Long casts require heavy sinkers. Always use a shock leader to prevent loss of tackle from the force of the cast.

Tips That Improve Your Surf Fishing Experience

  • If the surf is too rough for a pyramid sinker to hold the bottom try switching to a sputnik sinker.
  • If you are trying to land a good size fish don’t fight the surf action. Use the action of an incoming wave to bring the fish on to the beach.
  • Use fishing reports for your area to keep up with the hot action. The reports will keep you informed about the kind of surf fish that are being caught and what they are using to catch them. You’ll find sources for fish reports in my eBook

Surf Fishing is a specialized form of fishing different in many ways from any other kind. It’s also the most exciting. Once you learn the secret tips, you can catch fish from any beach. Fish are always in the surf if you know what to do and when to do it.

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