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Use A Barometer To Plan An Opportunity For Good Surf Fishing

There are several things to consider when planning a good time to go surf fishing. One of the factors that you can use to plan a trip is barometric pressure.  Other factors come into play like the tides, moon phases, wind direction and water temperature but in this article I will address barometric pressure.

Don’t expect all the factors to be ideal but you can certainly do much better when several of them are in your favor.

First I want to give you a little background knowledge on barometric pressure. In the US the standard barometric reading is considered to be 28.5 InHg measured at sea level. The usual range of movement from high to low is between 30.5 InHg to 28.5 InHg. Anytime a weather front is moving in, you can expect the barometric pressure to start dropping.

When the barometer starts dropping you can expect poor weather to follow. The converse is also true. A rising barometer is a sign of good weather to follow.

Now let’s put this in perspective as it pertains to surf fishing. A falling barometer is your friend. Just as long as it isn’t dropping to fast. A good steady slow dropping pressure of less than 0.21 inches per hour is ideal. The rate it’s dropping determines the window of opportunity to get out and take advantage of it.

Low barometric pressure will have a detrimental effect on your surf fishing plans. A high pressure is pretty much neutral. A barometric pressure change has the most effect on shallow waters of the surf. Deeper water isn’t effected that much. Even a change as little as 0.02 can have a significant effect on fish behavior as it relates to feeding.

If you want to improve your surf fishing results be sure to include watching the change in barometric pressure. Combine that with other factors for some awesome surf fishing action.

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